Martial Arts for kids, teens and adults.  Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial. Free trial.

The Tiger-Rock Difference

More than just developing martial artists, we believe in creating advantages that extend beyond the mat. Tiger-Rock's R15E performance program was created to measure achievement and reward success. Each of the 15 steps, ranks towards black belt - requires the student to develop skills and tools to be a champion in life - on and off the mat!


We’re located in Lone Tree, CO and are a short drive from most of the southern Denver suburbs including Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Centennial, Littleton, Parker and Castle Rock.  

Come join us on the journey as we take new recruits, pursue excellence, and transform them into experts with the skills to achieve lifelong success. 

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Denver7 EveryDay Hero Award!  Check out what they had to say.  Thank you DCSD Bridge Program and Channel 7!  It was quite the surprise - we are honored!  

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Kids Martial Arts, Kids Taekwondo, Kids Karate. Free trial.
Kids Martial Arts, Kids Taekwondo, Kids Karate. Free trial.
Martial Arts for teen, Taekwondo for teens, Karate for teens. Free trial.
Martial Arts for adults, Taekwondo for adults, Karate for adults. Free trial.

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" What an amazing place this is for kids and families.

 My son has made so much progress as a martial artist and as a person thanks to the great team at TR.  They give children important tools that will carry on for the rest of their lives: hard work, dedication, perseverance and many others, great compliment to good parenting

If you want to get your children on a great life ride in addition to amazing self defense skills you will be missing out if you do not check this place out.  The academy and the instructors are TOP, TOP , TOP notch all the way around. " 

                                                                                    - Juan

" I came to Tiger Rock initially for a more regimented workout, opportunity to learn self-defense and because of the convenient class schedule.  

My kids are not part of the school yet as they are too young but they will definitely join as soon as they are four years old.   

What I have gotten out of my time at Tiger Rock is much much more than I ever thought.  I am more fit and have also gained a confidence in my abilities to protect myself if ever in a dangerous situation. Very important for a woman! 

Classes are fun and the students are honestly the best you will find anywhere. Encouraging, challenging and loving! This is truly another family to me and I hope you will join our family too "            

                                                                                  - Brenda

I have my son attending Tiger-Rock's martial arts classes.  They are just amazing. We could see a gradual change in our sons character. He started showing more responsibility and interest towards what he does. I could see he is more focused and has developed a "let me keep trying and I will win " attitude. I am so happy that we found this place.

The energy levels are HIGH and the kids get trained not only in martial arts but on character building.  What else you can ask! This place rocks.. Would highly recommend.

They help lay a strong foundation. As they say "I fear not a man who practiced 10000 kicks but fear a man who practiced 1 kick 10000 times".   This place does this in action. Best place to practice for a better tomorrow!

Keep going Tiger-Rock @Lone Tree :) 

                                                  - Bala