THE 15 Step RISE Program


Stand out from the crowd in life

We believe in training for our journey both as a martial artist and a citizen. The 15 levels of our belt rank system symbolize the journey we take to develop the skills that allow us to R15E  to every occasion and help transform the world one person at a time.    With classes designed specifically for Tiger Cubs (Ages 4 to 6), Juniors (Ages 7 to 11), Teens (Ages 12 thru 15) and Adults (Ages 16+) our R15E programs are centered around age appropriate messages and activities. 


Come join us on the journey as we take new recruits, pursue excellence, and transform them into experts with the skills to achieve lifelong success.  




Like most things in life we must first CHOOSE our path.  Every accomplishment in life starts with a decision – the decision to try.   In becoming a Tiger-Rock White Belt we make the choice to become something greater one day, a black belt.  This journey will change us, transform us...

Yellow Belt | COMMIT



 Once we have chosen our path, we COMMIT to the process.  The journey is not about reaching the end, but embracing the chase excellence and enjoying the opportunity to improve each day physically, mentally and socially.   We commit to learn from the challenges that life throws at us - and we commit to our team that we have their back.

Green Belt | GROW


GROW - Focus | Believe | Practice

Once committed to the journey and the team, we begin to GROW.  Our growth is nourished as we maintain FOCUS on the right people and information, as we remain confident and BELIEVE in ourselves, and as we PRACTICE the actions that move us toward our chosen goals.

Blue Belt | ACHIEVE


ACHIEVE - Challenge | Compete | Evaluate

As we grow and progress on our journey, we ACHIEVE important milestones.  Each of these will come as a result of overcoming a CHALLENGE to our limitations.  We realize that in the world we must step up and COMPETE for opportunities to shine, and never forget to take the time to EVALUATE our actions, measuring how they relate to our goals.  We also take time to show gratitude and honor our leaders and role-models on the journey.



DISTINGUISH - Observe | Recognize | Respond

Achievement will bring recognition.  We begin to stand out – this gives us opportunity to stand up for what we believe in.  Even if that means standing alone.  We must not blindly follow the crowd but instead DISTINGUISH ourselves and our mission.  We do this as we OBSERVE our environment and take time to RECOGNIZE the needs of others and our own.  We then RESPOND with real solutions.   



INFLUENCE - Collaborate | Inspire | Demonstrate

As we are noticed for making a difference in our environment, we will begin to have INFLUENCE.  And as this journey improves our lives it becomes our duty to help others do the same. We must COLLABORATE with others to find common ground, INSPIRE them with hope, and DEMONSTRATE that together we can reach our destination.

Black Belt | TRANSFORM



Black Belts become members of an elite group of martial artists.  We are built to lead and as leaders it is our responsibility to TRANSFORM ourselves and the world around us for good. 

We will have faced obstacles, but our training will have prepared us to look at these as opportunities for growth.  We will be prepared to use our abilities and skills face the challenges we encounter with strength and conviction, which ultimately make us even stronger.  How much we continue to transform ourselves and all around us will ultimately determine how high our RISE can be.